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Founded in 1976

on the principles of honesty, trust and quality.

Sitto Signs started making paper window signs for local grocery stores & supermarkets.

The company’s artistic and design capabilities were so much in demand that,

with no hesitation, expanded into making wood, plastic and steel structural signs.

As technology became more accessible, Sitto Industries went to full automation.

Now as a leader in the Engineering and Technology Sectors,

our LED message displays offer limitless opportunities.

Our People

The "Back Bone" of any company

is the employees that put their hearts into their work.

-We have the right people of the job-

-Each a professional at their job-

-We understand the need for customer satisfaction-

-Engineers, fabricators, installers, technicians, project managers-

-Our people are ready to take on your next project-


The demand for precision never ends, we continually construct and develop new methods to bring to our clients accurate and reproducible work that is of the highest quality and value.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Allows us to design and configure parts of a sign all in one step.
  • Large format graphics can be stored with no consumption of physical space.
  • CAD eliminates material waste, by formatting several jobs at once.

Computer Aided Machinery (CAM)

  • These machines take our designs and process the material
  • CAM provide repeated output to exact specifications
  • Also allowing us to scale client logos' with no loss of detail